Food grade liquids

The transportation of liquid foodstuff requires absolutely risk-free security throughout the entire transport chain. Moonway operates a dedicated fleet of food-grade tanks for the carriage of feed material, fruit juice and other liquid foodstuff.

We can handle these transports through our worldwide network of agents offering supporting infrastructure with complete range of service, including door-to-door service and dedicated tanks for special products.

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Chemical liquids

Moonway operates with tanks for transporting hazardous and non-hazardous chemical liquids. We can handle this variety of liquids through our worldwide network of agents by offering multimodal transport options to most destinations around the globe.

The whole transportation process is guaranteed to strictly follow all regulations without compromising safety and security in any phase of the transport chain.

With competitive prices we try to find most cost effective solutions including door-to-door service providing bulk-liquid chemical containers. We can offer also transportation of special tank containers for products with special requirements.

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