Transportation of liquid

A safe transport process entity is an absolute prerequisite to eliminate risks pertaining to the transportation of liquid foodstuffs. Moonway operates a dedicated transport fleet for liquid foodstuffs. We can arrange special fleet for refrigerated and frozen and thermo transport, as well as multicompartment containers, when necessary.

We handle these transports via our long-term and reliable cooperation partners. Moonway offers full transport service door-to-door using up-to-date fleet.

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Bulk transports of liquid chemicals

The mode of transport for liquid chemicals has been designed for the transportation of both non-hazardous and hazardous chemicals. The transport process adheres in smallest detail to all the safety regulations regarding the product to be transported, ensuring the safe transport of the product at each stage of the process. When necessary, the containers can be heated either electronically, using glycol or steam, in accordance with the product specific special requirements.

Moonway handles transportation of chemicals by means of their worldwide network of cooperation partners. We offer competitive multimodal transports according to our customers’ needs to almost anywhere in the world.

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Juho Makkonen

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