Tank containers

Tank containers provide an effective alternative for transporting unpacked liquids. A tank fitted in a framework conforming to the ISO standard, offers a considerable bigger capacity compared for example with IBC containers loaded into a standard container. After loading, a tank container can be transported door-to-door as such, as an intermodal transport by sea, by rail or by road without extra handling, cost efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner.

We’ll provide you transportation of tank containers door-to-door to each and every part of the globe. We are specialized in the handling of all kinds of chemicals and foodstuffs. Our own units and our cooperation network enable us to offer you a wide range of various solutions according to your needs. In addition to standard containers of different sizes, we have available among other things heated containers, reefer containers, multicompartment containers and acid proof containers. If you cannot find a unit type suitable for your needs on the list, you should, however, ask us. We probably can find a solution for your needs!

Dry bulk containers 

A dry bulk container is a unit of transportation, in accordance with the ISO standard, which by glance looks like an ordinary sea container. The difference compared with an ordinary sea container, however, is loading hatches located on the roof and the unloading hatch situated in the end part. Dry bulk containers offer an excellent capacity for example in comparison with bulk bags loaded into an ordinary sea container. Bulk containers are a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to unpacked dry matter. After loading it can be transported as such door-to-door without extra handling.

There are dry bulk containers available also as pressurized silos, which may be more practical in case of certain products and unloading locations. A pressurized silo container is a pressurized vessel that can be unloaded directly into the recipient’s silo by means of blowing air into the silo.

We have available a wide range of different dry bulk transports that we handle using both our own fleet and that provided by our network of cooperation partners.

Ask us about the possibility of renting tank containers for different needs.

Ask more in the address sales@moonway.fi. Let’s find together an optimal solution!