Trans Port 2 (2013)

The tank-container transport specialist
Moonway has operated in Turku since
1994. Foods, chemicals and dry bulk products
are brought to Finland in the company’s
containers. Moonway also handles import and
export transport for foreign container operators
within Finland. Such operations require
precision and organizing ability on the part of
the account managers, who direct the logistics.

Cooperation in both directions

Moonway employs five account managers, each of whom is assigned to work with specific
clients. They oversee delivery of import cargoes to end-customers in Finland, arrange
the shipping of empty containers for return
transport or redirect them for export use. The
account managers also see to the documents for cargoes and serve as connecting links
between customers, cargo recipients, carriers,
loading facilities, shipping companies and ports.
Cooperation with foreign container operators
works in both directions.

“Our company’s containers are mainly
used for imports and loading, transporting and
shipping are arranged by our local partners
abroad,” explains Taina Kaasila, who has
worked as an account manager at Moonway
since 2007. “Liquid food products such as juices and
wines are brought to Finland in our tank containers and products in powder form in bulk containers. Import containers are directed
to various harbours in accordance with the
customer’s wishes. Carriers are responsible for
delivering containers to end-customers and for
transporting them back to the harbour. They are
key partners for us in Finland,” Kaasila reports
in describing the container transport chain in

Strict quality criteria for cargoes

In addition to her work as an account manager,
Taina Kaasila processes requests for tender
and serves as Moonway’s quality manager.
Moonway’s process has ISO 9001 certification
and SQAS certification for logistics and
chemical companies. Account managers are
also required to have training related to the
transport of products classified as hazardous.
Moreover, Finnish weather conditions make
their work more demanding.

“The major challenges of my work are
related to the transport of cold-sensitive
products in winter. It’s easier to maintain
temperatures within the limits set by customers
in electrically heated containers. Some of the
containers are heated with steam or a water
circulation system, and their temperatures
require more careful monitoring,” Kaasila

“Timetables are another important challenge, because customers generally want their products
to reach the destination quickly. You’ve got to
make sure that the communication is effective
and that the carrier is in the right place at the
right time,” Kaasila sums up.


Moonwayn liikenteenhoitajat

Moonway Account Managers: from the left, Varpu Simola, Leena Toukola, Juho Makkonen and Minna Immonen. Taina Kaasila is seated.