Tank containers

20080123 40d03246 moonway stdMoonway offers tank containers for liquid chemicals and foodgrade products. Moonway’s tank container’s conform to UN T11 specifications. Depending on tank container heating can be provided by electricity, glycol or steam. Some tanks can be separated into three compartments.

You can find tank container specification from this link: container specs (pdf) (839.2 KB)

Moonway’s 20’tank containers’ dimensions:

Length: 6058mm
Width: 2438mm
Height: 2591mm


Bulk containers

Moonway’s bulk containers conform to UN T11 specifications. They are ideal to transport dry industrial bulk products. They are designed for high payloads and volumes up to 29000kg. Lengths vary from 20′ to 40′ feet. Moonway’s bulk containers may be customized and they all have inner liner options.

Moonway’s 20’DC dimensions

Length: 5898mm
Width: 2320mm
Height: 2328mm

Moonway’s 40’HC dimensions

Length: 12035mm
Width: 2350mm
Height: 2969mm