Preparing for the corona virus COVID-19

We follow closely in our company how the corona virus COVID-19 situation develops, and we aim at alleviating the possible impacts of the virus to our operations by proactive measures.

We pay particular attention to the guidelines provided by the World Health Organization WHO, and we obey the instructions and limitations provided by the Finnish authorities. We have instructed all our employees to pay particular attention to good hand hygiene, to prefer remote negotiations and to avoid travelling to countries with high infection figures, and in particular to those destinations that have been classified as areas of epidemic.

We will also take precautions if we have doubts that corona virus exists among drivers or staff of the vessels transacting with us due to arriving transports. The aim will be to clarify this in advance, and to take possible impacts regarding the handling of goods into consideration. Advance measures together with close cooperation with our customers are the best ways to proact in the exceptional situations and to prepare for unexpected delays in deliveries or additional costs.

We will continue to monitor the situation and we’ll adapt our actions to our customers’ needs as effectively as possible, also in the future. Please get in touch with your contact person without any delay, if you anticipate your needs to change considerably due to corona virus COVID-19, or if you have particular questions regarding deliveries.